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Acton Academy helps K-12th grade students discover and grow their unique strengths — because the world needs them.

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What Makes Acton Academy Different Than Other Schools?

Empowering Independent Thinkers and Learners:

Acton Academy ABQ Cultivates a Self-Paced Learning Environment Nurturing Responsibility, Goal-Setting, and Teamwork for Thriving in a World that Craves Originality.

We Believe Children Learn By Doing.

Whether it’s launching a business, pursuing passions, exploring ancient Greece, or engaging in Socratic discussions with their peers, Acton learners are building real-life skills in the studio every day.

Igniting the Power of Virtues:

By cultivating accountability, responsibility, kindness, and empathy, our learners are equipped with purpose and character, which allows them to soar into adulthood ready to discover their calling and make a profound impact in the world.

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More About Acton Academy

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Being an entrepreneur, I wanted something far greater for my children's education than the status quo, traditional model.  Acton ABQ has been a true gift.  My daughters LOVE school and they are learning skills that will allow them to not only find their passion, but will also allow them to thrive in whatever they choose to do!  We highly recommend Acton.
Erica - Acton Parent
My kids love going to school everyday because Acton is built to help them find their voice, take charge of their education, and practice collaboration and self management with a fun group of peers that is truly a community.
TJ - Acton Parent
I have seen so much development in our son, just in the last few months - not just academically, but in the way he responds to adults and even his younger brother.  He is also more prone to figure things out on his own rather than coming to me or his mom for everything. We love Acton and love what we are seeing in our son!
Patrick B. - Acton Parent
We love Acton! My kiddo loves waking up and going to school each day, and even was super excited to come home from vacation because he knew that meant he could return to school!

The Acton method has his brain on fire. He is asking bigger questions and is more curious than ever. He is hungry to learn and more self-motivated than I could have imagined. You won't find this type of learning experience anywhere else!

We are all very happy with our move to Acton Academy, it's everything we wanted and didn't think existed! The school leaders, founders, guides and other parents create an amazing community for our family and we are super grateful for it!

Kayla - Acton Parent